Whole Brain Thinking : The Foundation Of Developing A Creative Leader

Whole Brain Thinking : The Foundation Of Developing A Creative Leader

The research clearly states that new age leaders and CEOs are realizing how creativity trumps other leadership traits.

The World Economic Forum’s 2018 future of jobs report, predicts creativity, innovation, and ideation will be key skills for the workforce of 2022.

In this age of CHAOS(c)(Chaotic, Highly Advanced, Opportunities and Speed) world where creativity is king:

  1. How does a leader stand out and be a creative leader (he/she aspires to be) and also develop his/her team’s capability to embrace creativity?
  2. How does that leader leverage multiple ways of communicating with a multi-cultural workforce to garner many perspectives?
  3. How does that leader inspire a whole new generation which relies on instant gratification?
  4. How does that leader integrate various unconventional perspectives to encourage breakthrough innovation?

Creative leaders invite disruptive innovation, discourage teams and organizations from traditional/default approaches and adopt a fearless attitude to take risks. They are fluent, have original ideas, open-minded and most importantly they are 8-dimensional Whole Brain Thinkers in their approach towards engaging with multiple generations of teams, partners, clients, and employees.

If it was that easy for a leader to implement all that I have stated above, we would be seeing creative leaders all across the globe but reality is many organizations and corporates are still stuck with same old way of thinking and doing things and doing what we call “Creativity in the ordinary zone” to solve their people, business and client problems.

Whole Brain Thinking is that lever which helps the leader to explore those dimensions of leadership which they have never experienced before and be superiorly creative.

A human being cannot not think, and knowing what quadrant of the 8-dimensional brain to think from under a specific context creates new outcomes and perspectives that spark new imagination and innovation. 


This is the very reason “Whole Brain Thinking” has become compelling for organizations and leaders to thrive and sustain in the 21st-century business environment.

Whole Brain Thinking is the foundation of developing a CREATIVE LEADER.

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