Uncertainties, Mysteries & Doubts:”Expanding the Capacity for Uncertainty can Nurture Creativity”

On 29th July in our Boma Studio, Dr. Deep Bali, ACI Columbia Coaching hosted a webinar with Julie Burstein, about ‘How can one be Creative in Uncertainty’. One of the greatest challenges of this moment, in our work & our lives, is not knowing what will happen next. This deep uncertainty about the future can be paralyzing, but it also can be a space from which we can CREATE THE FUTURE WE WANT. Julie delved deep into how to harness this space.

Key Takeaways

👉🏾 How we can learn to play with uncertainty and be creative

👉🏾 How do we expand our capacity for not knowing what comes next, & develop the ability to create in the essential, sometimes maddening space of not knowing

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