The Pioneers with Sharon L McPherson, Yasmeen Hassan, Padmaja Ruparel and Puja Brahmasmi

In the last fireside chat hosted by Puja Brahmasmi, we got insights on how exemplary and pioneering women combine passion with purpose and impact the world at large through their innovative/ breakthrough thinking and contribution. These champions form an iconic image of resolute pioneer women who dared to be first – challenging convention and stepping […]

Resource or an instrument : Master your Mind

Boma India Mental Health week April 15th, 2020 | Dr. Vikram Harshad Patel, Psychiatrist; The Pershing Square Professor of Global Health at Harvard Medical School and a co-founder of the Indian NGO, Sangath in conversation with Puja Puja, Co-founder, Boma India, around how we can prevent the Deaths of Despair in the Wake of the […]

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