Pioneering Leadership In An Uncertain World

Is your organization seeking answers to the following questions?
  • Where can I find a laser focused leadership program which equips our high potential leaders with leading edge skills to forge ahead in this time of unprecedented global crisis?
  • How can we enable our leaders to find the organizational antidote for the impact of COVID-19 on our people and our teams?
  • During one of the most challenging business environments since WWII, how can leaders use new methods of advanced communication to create “beyond ordinary” outcomes?
  • What are some challenges leaders will have to overcome in the post-COVID era? How prepared are they to provide competitive advantage to the organization?

What are business leaders , entrepreneurs and coaches saying:

  • “The idea of our thinking preferences shifting under pressure was a new insight for me as well, and I’ve been using the instrument for over 14 years! ” – Director, Columbia Coaching Learning Association
  • The “Courageous Leadership: “A brilliant idea brilliantly executed; “An opportunity to talk, think, and reflect in a collaborative and constructive forum. So needed right now” – Multiple clients in New Zealand
  • “5 of us from the same organization and now we know what we want to do when we work together and how we can leverage the whole brain for superior outcomes. It’s an eyeopener” – Business transformation leader, Large medical instruments company
  • “I am looking forward to design my business strategy from a whole brain perspective “ – President, large manufacturing company
  • “It was a great learning. Thank you for this session on Whole Brain Thinking, I feel more empowered to influence and land with impact in my conversations with key stakeholders” – Vice President, Largest 3D experience company
  • “Both thought provoking and informative. A very worthwhile and enjoyable session” – New Zealand client
  • “Great engaging class. I learned a lot about the whole brain theory concept and met some great folks. Deep and Kaila were excellent facilitators. Thank you, Puja for encouraging me to attend.” –  Visionary & Team transformation Leader – IDEMIA
  • “It was a terrific learning experience particularly during these times of charge and uncertainty!” –  Talent strategy | Columbia Coach
  • “ Loved the concept of Whole Brain and Polarity  – Breakout sessions were the real thing “ –  L&D Lead, Publicis Sapient
  • “Thank you for the opportunity to attend the workshop. It was very ably delivered with engaging conversations that were contextual. Listening to the facilitators on the concept of WBT was very helpful indeed – it helped me develop a better understanding of the framework. “  – ,Partner , Korn Ferry
  • “It was a great session and my challenge is to explore my L2 (A quadrant in Whole-brain theory).  I hope you launch a longer session.  Especially like how Stockdale Paradox and Polarity Management were linked to Whole Brain Thinking.” – Columbia University Coach
  • “We’ve been using the NBI (Thinking Preference Profiler) in The Columbia Coaching Program for over 12 years now, yet I learned some new applications today” – Columbia University Director
  • “The best professional development opportunity in a long time” – New Zealand client

Join the Boma Pioneering Leadership Program so you can:


crisis and disruption leveraging your Whole Brain as an Instrument


the complexity of the unpredictable new world and encourage employees to be more adaptable and resilient

Level up

the new ways of thinking and acting in building the new future


‘above the line’ to sustain confidence, passion and responsibility in yourself and your team


the four most powerful ways leaders communicate in times of crisis


courageous leadership to cultivate loyalty and perseverance in your teams

We invite organizations to nominate your leaders so that they can:

  • Apply “Whole Brain theory” in their leadership challenge
  • Achieve a heightened awareness about their thinking preferences as a leader and its consequences.
  • Get practical experience of how to do a “whole brain walk around” in crisis
  • Navigate and leverage appropriate brain dimensions to see new possibilities never explored before
  • Demonstrate courageous leadership to cultivate loyalty and perseverance in their teams

Program Variants

Open Program


$150 * per participant (INR 11500* + GST)

Date and time :
Next Program date TBD

Duration: 4 hours (Virtual)
* FREE NBI(Neethling Brain Instrument) online assessment on Whole Brain Thinking worth USD 45 (INR 3500)

Corporate-In-House Program


$900 * per workshop (INR 60000* per workshop + GST)

Date and time :

Flexible date (Up to max. 40 people in a workshop)

Duration: 4 hours (Virtual)

*Additional – NBI(Neethling Brain Instrument) online assessment on Whole Brain

Thinking: USD 22 (INR 1500) per person (Orig cost: USD 45 (INR 3500))

In addition, we are offering :

  • 50% discount on 1-on-1 executive coaching & team coaching assignments for all organizations who sign up for this program (Offer valid for 12 months)  (Columbia Coaches and Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder centered coaches)
  • Resources: Playbook including tools and frameworks

The Faculty

Dr. Deep Bali

CEO & Co-Founder, Boma India

Chairman & Co-Founder, Recalibrate

Executive & Life coach | Whole Brain Leadership Evangelist

Kaila Colbin

Co-founder, Boma Global | CEO, Boma New Zealand

Our Clients

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