Little Strokes Fell Great Oaks

As part of Boma leadership week from June 8th 2020- June 12th 2020, Dr. Deep Bali, hosted a panel discussion with Major General(retd.) Gagandeep Bakshi (GD Bakshi), Shanti Raghavan, Anuradha Das Mathur & Dr. Kobus Neethling, who are well-known personalities acknowledged for the wealth of experience, impact, and knowledge they bring to the fore with respect to leadership in the field of Business, Armed forces, Social Entrepreneurship and Neuroscience.

Listen to what governance models and leadership characteristics are appropriate to navigate our current crisis, and how leaders can best adapt and persevere through new challenges ahead, such as economic instability, digital disruption, climate change, and public health emergencies.

An interactive session which triggered conversations on:

– Competence and mental ability of leaders and decision-makers to navigate profound uncertainties and speed of change we face

– What is the collective future we want to create and what type of leaders do we need at both the organization level and country level?

– Lessons for the “New World” leaders through real inspiring stories and tools

In the spirit of continuing to bring inclusivity & accessibility in our Boma India summits and leadership programs, our session is being translated live by sign language interpreters for the hearing impaired as well.

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