Impact Leadership


• Exploring new paradigm for defining ordinary, stretch and beyond

• 2 models for significant impact : Circle model ; Trigger model

• Whole brain thinking

Boma A.W.A.R.E  (Accelerated.WholeBrain.Agile.Reflective.Effective)

• Navigation of whole brain thinking

• Career decision making

• Relationships and whole brain for future –

Whole Brain for Sales

• Design your sales approach in line with business context and thinking preference of customer/buyer

• Explore significant possibilities that exist when selling using a “Whole-brain approach”/ communicating from buyer perspective

• Learn to navigate all the dimensions of the brain in different business/sales settings and context for maximum impact.

• Making a sales pitch and sales document which appeals to the buyer’s Brain/thinking preference

Story Telling

From Greco-Roman myths to Steve Jobs’ keynotes, stories have, since human has first spoke, been a great way to inspire, by arousing the curiosity of his audience. Gain impact and give prominence to internal and external speeches by participating in this session with our public speaking specialist.

Dare to lead

Based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown, Dare to Lead™ is an empirically based courage-building programme designed to improve leader agility, team effectiveness, and a thriving culture.

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