Fireside chat on creating Whole Brain Organizations

Dr. Deep Bali, Dr. Kobus Neethling and Dr. Rache Rutherford in an insightful fireside chat on creating “Whole Brain” organizations. Listen to real stories from the masters & experts on how leaders and employees are consciously leveraging the “Whole Brain” to gain competitive advantage, make sound decisions, build a culture of superior creativity and produce remarkable results for their organizations which are “Beyond” the conditioned thinking style.


– Dr. Deep Bali , CEO & Co-founder Boma India; Chairman & Co-founder Recalibrate; ACI Columbia; CEO & Life coach; Whole Brain Leadership Evangelist| Acknowledged worldwide by CEOs and leaders for his transformational coaching ability

– Dr. Kobus Neethling, Award winning International leader in Whole Brain Thinking & Creative Behaviour

– Dr. Rache Ruthford, co-founder of the Creativity Foundation of South Africa and a member of the Kobus Neethling Group

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