A 4 weeks live virtual program for parents and children offered as an engaging, interactive and reflective journey for meaningful relationships and better choices

Pre-requisite: All participants have to take the Neethling Brain Instrument(NBI) assessment on Whole Brain Thinking

The program is for parents and children who want:

  • To develop meaningful relationships
  • To engage in career skills / choices discussion with intent and intelligence
  • To become self aware – understand their own thinking preferences
  • To understand others perspectives better

This program is designed to help family units (parents and children) leverage the “Whole-brain 8-dimensional” method in:

  • Parenting
  • Relationships
  • Career skills decision making

The essence of building tribes is to create a strong sense of community. The WBT families is a trusted community to bring your true self, experience and understand your thinking preferences.

The program runs in small groups of 10-15 individuals (families & children), which is called a WBT (Whole Brain Thinking) families.

Over a period of time, you and us help build more WBT families and become evangelists of whole brain thinking. Our goal is to keep growing the WBT families.

WBT Families Program

Original Price:
INR 30,000 + GST

Introductory Discounted Price:

INR 10,000 + GST

3 assessments per family

Additional family assessment : INR 2,200 + GST per person

First batch starts: January 30, 2021

A whole brain family is smarter, self aware, drives decisions, actions and relationships with more intent, insight and intelligence.

What can you expect post going through WBT Families Journey


UNDERSTAND the tenants of whole brain thinking and leverage it within family


BECOME self-aware and intuitive to understand how other family members respond in situations


Learn to actively NAVIGATE leveraging whole brain and form meaningful relationships

Whole Brain Thinking Outcomes

Parents and Children communicate and respond to each other from their own preferred brain or thinking preference, which triggers conflicts. Parents / Children who are not aware of the consequence of leveraging only their traditional thinking preferences in areas of communication, decision making, relationships, learning, creativity, career choices continue to engage in their own language, which is contrary to how other WBT parents and children engage – they engage from the parents/ children’s thinking preference.


Program Learning Objectives

  • Engage in line with your family members thinking preference v/s only yours
  • Create new significant possibilities that exist by engaging “8-dimensional Whole-brain approach”
  • Learn to navigate all the dimensions of the brain in different parenting / learning/ decision making / relationships / creativity  context for maximum impact.
  • Making a shift towards building more meaningful relationships

Whole Brain Thinker Speak, Navigation and Exploring Possibilities

How do you continue the momentum of Whole Brain Thinking Families

As a Community or Family

  • As a family be an active leader or member of the WBT Tribe, be the glue that continuously binds other members to practice the tenants of WBT.

Ambassador & Catalyst

  • Tell your other friends, family, children about being part of this journey and help build more tribes
  • Ask your school / alumni if they would be interested in building a Whole Brain School – Share your journey

Potential Career Option / Passive Income

  • Become an NBI Practitioner and use WBT as a tool in coaching for individuals and your organization, Schools, Relationships, Families etc.
  • Do get in touch with us for more details if you are interested.

Volunteer if you are a senior school

  • As a volunteer, you could help us with any supporting activities for Whole Brain Programs that we run


Our Latest Videos

Case Studies

Real Story: Segue To The “beyonder” Zone By Leveraging “whole Brain”

C-suite leaders adopting a whole-brain approach see a positive bottom-line impact and realize on average 22% higher revenue growth and 34% higher profitability growth.

Creating Beyonder Outcomes Through Whole-brain Teams

Dr. Deep Bali along with Puja Puja did a 2-hr intense group coaching session for 8 leaders from the global business and transformation office (APAC).

Whole Brain Faculty

Dr. Deep Bali

C-suite Coach I Whole Brain Leadership Evangelist I Life Coach I Executive Coach I Author I Speaker | CEO Boma India and Chairman & Co-founder Recalibrate

Rashmi Singh

Whole Brain Thinking Practitioner (NBI) | Executive Coach (ICF) | OD Consultant (Certified TISS and ODA) | Partner Recalibrate and Boma India

Puja Brahmasmi

Business Leader | Visionary Entrepreneur | Whole Brain Thinking Practitioner (NBI)| Columbia Univ. Executive Coach (ACI) | Creativity Enthusiast | Co-Founder Boma India and Managing Director & Co-founder Recalibrate

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