We can all be Beyonders

We make certain choices through our lives which determine whether we are ordinary, victims or comfort zone dwellers – or we make choices that shape us into Beyonders.

Focus of the Beyonder Program would be to move you from Ordinary to Stretch to Beyondness

Drawing on more than 20 years of experience working with large corporates, multi-nationals and businesses, our Beyonder programme are focussed on taking the organization from Ordinary to Beyond. The programme invites you to creatively apply a series of insights, models and practical activities to yourself, teams and your organization. The programme asks you to journey in such a way that you will gain fresh insights to prosper in the 21st century.

Program History

Dr E. Paul Torrance coined the word “Beyonders” to describe those at the very high end of creative achievement.

Over forty years ago, he began a study of a high school class in a school known for its high enrolment of gifted students. The senior students then responded to follow-up questionnaires in 1966, 1970, and 1990. From the study, Torrance was able to identify several common characteristics among the Beyonders.

Later Dr. Kobus Neethling, expanded Paul Torrance’s research and introduced Beyonder tools and frameworks.

It was found that thirty to forty years later, the Beyonders
  • loved the work they were doing,
  • were persistent,
  • had a clear future-focused self-image,
  • never restricted their field of exploration,
  • possessed a range of experiences and high energy levels,
  • enjoyed challenges,
  • took pleasure in discovering the reason behind things,
  • and possessed high levels of courage.

Beyonder Creativity Digital Products

Beyonder Mindset & DNA

A laser focused program for leaders to understand what it means to be a Beyonder. What are Beyonder traits and why Beyondness eludes many people.  What is Beyonder Language and Culture. Starting with a question “Where are we ordinary?

A 3-hour Live Virtual Program

Format: Open Program and In-House Corporate programs

Next program date : TBD

See glimpses of past workhop here

Beyonder in Motion

An intense and adventurous journey leveraging “Whole brain and Beyonder tools/models” to work on a stretch goal and challenge which will significantly impact business. Understanding respective “Brain preferences” and design future “Brain” in sync with vision and strategic intent of the organization. Learning to engage and hone all quadrants of the brain for maximum external impact. Work with their respective teams on a real game changing business challenge using “Whole brain and Beyonder tools/models

A Live Virtual Program

Eight 2-hour sessions + 5 Team coaching sessions (Journey)

Format: In-House Corporate Program

Driving the Beyonder Culture

To lead and inspire through high level of awareness of Whole Brain and Beyonder tools specifically made for manager of managers. Knowing who is a Beyonder individual along with 3 models of being a Beyonder, running a Beyonder team/organization. Design a future brain in sync with vision and strategic intent of the organization

A Live Virtual Program 

Format: Open Program and In-House Corporate program

 Four 2-hour sessions

Upcoming Open Program

Date: 7th Sept to 10th Sept | 11 AM IST – 1 PM IST

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Case Studies

MFC : A Division Of Nedbank : Finance Industry

MFC A Division of Nedbank is the result of a merger between MFC and Nedbank Vehicle and Asset Finance.

Retail Industry : Beyond The Impossible

Some years after African Bank acquired Ellerines, which has a national footprint of 650 branches

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